5 Ways to Maintain Your Curls in the Fall


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Cozy sweaters, Thanksgiving, and cold weather are sure signs that Fall season is in full effect.
While the cooler temperatures are a nice break from the hot Summer days, they’re not exactly
curly hair friendly. Cold weather lacks humidity, creating dry air which has a direct effect on the
moisture of our curls. If you’ve found that your hair has been a little dull, dry, and even frizzy
maybe then here are some tips to help you maintain those curls this Fall.

1.) Cold water works better.
When you’re going through your weekly wash day routine, it’s normal to wash your hair with
warm water. After all, no one likes the feel of cold water unless they’re swimming. Rinsing your
hair with cold water is the better option during the Fall because it helps with sealing the cuticle
which will keep the moisture in your hair.

2.)Have you heard of the L.O.C. method?
One of the most recommended techniques in curl care is the L.O.C. (liquid oil cream)  method.
Moisture retention is key in maintaining those curls. so you’ll find this method vital to your curl
success. Start with a liquid (water or a leave in) this will hydrate the hair. Next, you want to apply
an oil of your choice which will help seal in the liquid. Lastly, you want to use a cream (hair
butter, styling milk, etc.) that will secure the oil, locking all of the moisture in place.

3.) Protective Styles are the way to go
Sometimes you have to give your hair a break. Putting those curls away for a few weeks will
protect those ends and help reduce any damage that can be caused by constant manipulation
and cold weather. Just remember you still have to take care of the hair underneath. Don’t leave
the style up for more than a month and a half and give your hair a break in between styles. Kömb offers on-demand hairstyling in the comfort of your home, just in case you hate being out in the cold like me. They are currently running a $25 off your first appointment promotion, free to look around www.komb.co.

4.) Trim, trim, trim!
A lot of curly girls shy away from scissors, but health over length. Our ends are just as important
as our roots and are often neglected. Our ends are constantly brushing up against our clothes
which can be drying and may cause breakage. Don’t be afraid to give your hair a dusting and
trim those ends. You’ll notice an overall healthier look to your curls.

5.)Don’t forget the oils
You want to moisturize and seal the ends of those curls on a daily basis. Rub oil on your ends
every morning during your rise & fluff. The oil will keep your hair moisturized and stop those
ends from splitting and breaking off.

Never let anyone dull your curls, not even in the cold weather, so use these tips to help keep
those curls moisturized this fall.

#Summertimefine: Work It Out

Summer is slowly approaching so it is only right that we are working on getting it tight. With people becoming more health conscious, more people are stepping up their work out game. Of course, with beauty comes hair probz, so lets get it together.

Here are 3 tips to help you toward your #summertimefine goals!

Some consistent trips to the gym can have your hair going left-field in a matter of a couple reps. Nothing is more annoying than having to deal with the sweat, and lets be honest, sometimes this can deter whether or not you want to actually head over to the gym. Do not let the idea sweat get you down! Be consistent with your work out plan AND consistent with protecting your hair from sweat. This will help you overcome all that comes with having sweaty hair. For those that have longer hair, putting it up in a ponytail or a bun will certainly protect hair from undergoing too much sweat. Top it off by making sure you are tying a scarf or placing a headband around your edges, this will keep them from frizzing and collecting sweat.

Working out does not mean you have deal with dry and brittle hair. Listen to your hair and ensure that you are following your regimen for washing and moisturizing your hair. Moisture is EVERYTHING! It’s recommended to use your favorite leave-in conditioner that will absorb into the hair follicles. This will help with the overall health of your hair and retaining the length.

The last tip would be to make sure that you put your health first! Your hairstyles are never so serious that you should have to sacrifice your hair health. Making sure that your health is a priority and your hair is secondary is the most important thing to remember. Your hair will always be able to clapback, but your body should not be treated in any negative way.

Are there any other tips and trick that you can share as your get closer to your #summertimefine?

KÖMB - Who are we?


Kömb is an on-demand app and website that connects women to professional hairstylists instantaneously.This gives the opportunity for hair stylists to showcase their work, connect with new and existing clients and build their business. We are here to service clients who want the best hairstylists to do their hair at their own convenience. The stylist will come to your home and transform your hair into a beautiful creation. We are currently located in New York and are seeking potential hairstylists with great skills.

We also want to expand as a company and help the community to look their very best. As KÖMB grows, we want to give back to our community by providing free mini make-overs to the less fortunate.

So stay tuned to our adventurous journey of seeking to make sure New York looks good one hairstyle at a time.

Introducing Our Star KÖMB Stylists.

As we begin the KÖMB movement we want to build a strong family that acknowledges and lifts up our members. We love to recognize our first couple of superstar hairstylists, so without further or due give a round of applause to our first two KÖMB stylists.   

Dezzera Day

FullSizeRender 14.jpg

Dez is a talented licensed hairstylist from Pennsylvania. She has now relocated to New York to expand her career in the hair industry. She is a recent graduate with a degree in Business. Dez started doing hair at the age of 15 and found a true passion in hairstyling.

Hair Specialities: Dez knows every aspect of hair styling, but she is an expert in weaves.

Why did she join the KÖMB family?

She loves the KÖMB family because it is a black owned business that caters to all hair types and offers services that everyone will love. 

Nahde Barton


Nahde is a creative licensed hairstylist from New York. She loves her culture and sees it as her everyday inspiration. Nahde has been a hairstylist for 5 years because she was sent on this earth to make people more beautiful. 

Hair Specialties: Natural Hair, Hair Maintenance, and Protective Styling. 

Why she join the KÖMB family?

She wanted to work for KÖMB because she rather be a freelance hairstylist than working at a conventional salon. She is all about the clients being comfortable so that is why she likes to travel to them. 


Top 4 Product Lines for Natural Hair


1.     E’ Tae Natural Hair Products Collection (Shampoo, Conditioner, Reconstructing Treatment and Buttershine).

E’ Tae’s all natural product line is perfect for the natural and perm hair women that wants silicone, paraben and sulfate free products. E’ Tae helps to manage, moisturize and strengthen natural hair. This product line is ideal for straighten natural hair.  

 2.     Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo and Conditioner.

Trader Joe’s Shampoo and Conditioner is perfect for the natural hair women that wants a cheaper alternative to a wash day routine. This line has organic botanical ingredients like tea tree oil, peppermint oil and eucalyptus. The shampoo and conditioner is recommended for natural women with itchy scalp because the products have a minty feel to the scalp.

3.     Crème of Nature’s Argan Oil Style and Shine Foaming Mousse.

      Crème on Nature’s Buttermilk Leave-in Conditioner.

Crème of Nature’s mousse and leave-in conditioner duo is perfect for the natural hair women that is on the go. The leave-in conditioner makes your hair soft and easy to comb thru. When setting your twist outs, braid outs and perm rod sets with the styling mousse it cuts drying time in half. The mousse and leave-in conditioner moisturizes your hair for a long period of time.

4.     Curls Blueberry Bliss Control Jelly.

Curls control jelly is perfect for the natural hair women that wants ultra define curls and moisture. This product services as a style holding product for puffs, updos, ponytails and more. The smell is amazing.