Introducing Our Star KÖMB Stylists.

As we begin the KÖMB movement we want to build a strong family that acknowledges and lifts up our members. We love to recognize our first couple of superstar hairstylists, so without further or due give a round of applause to our first two KÖMB stylists.   

Dezzera Day

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Dez is a talented licensed hairstylist from Pennsylvania. She has now relocated to New York to expand her career in the hair industry. She is a recent graduate with a degree in Business. Dez started doing hair at the age of 15 and found a true passion in hairstyling.

Hair Specialities: Dez knows every aspect of hair styling, but she is an expert in weaves.

Why did she join the KÖMB family?

She loves the KÖMB family because it is a black owned business that caters to all hair types and offers services that everyone will love. 

Nahde Barton


Nahde is a creative licensed hairstylist from New York. She loves her culture and sees it as her everyday inspiration. Nahde has been a hairstylist for 5 years because she was sent on this earth to make people more beautiful. 

Hair Specialties: Natural Hair, Hair Maintenance, and Protective Styling. 

Why she join the KÖMB family?

She wanted to work for KÖMB because she rather be a freelance hairstylist than working at a conventional salon. She is all about the clients being comfortable so that is why she likes to travel to them.