3 Benefits to Finger Detangling

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It's no secret that the wide tooth comb works wonders against hair tangles and fairy knots which can be the hair's worst nightmare. While a comb may be your preferred styling tool of choice when tackling these problems, finger detangling is a method that works just as good if not better. If you’ve never considered finger detangling, here's three reasons why you should toss out your combs and let your fingers do the work.

1.) Defined Hair

Combs are a great styling tool, but sometimes they mess with our curl pattern. If combed too much, it's possible to comb out the curl which can then only be fixed by adding either water or more products. Using your fingers, allow you to feel your way through each strand, getting rid of the tangles knot by knot while keeping your curls intact.

2.) Longer Hair

With problems such as shrinkage and hair breakage, it feels as though the odds are against your long natural hair. Taking your time to work through each tangle alleviates some of the stress that combs can put on the hair. Length retention is dependent upon little to no breakage. When you finger detangle, you lose less hair.

3.) Manageable Hair

It’s hard to miss a knot or tangle when you’re taking your time to work on the hair. A little tender love and finger detangle makes your hair very cooperative which is a plus for a successful style.

Finger detangling is a method that promotes healthier hair, by getting rid of tangles and knots. If you have a little patience and a conditioner with good slip, give finger detangling a try.

Yours truly, Taylor Brown