Finger Detangling: Do It or Nah?

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Finger detangling has the cost effective reputation for promoting natural hair growth, especially for those with a kinky, curly crown. Using this method proves time and again, that patience is a virtue that leads to longer, healthier hair.

Benefits to finger detangling are far and in between. This method promotes less breakage which leads to length retention, and increased density. Here are three reasons you should ditch the tangle tamers and brushes.

1.     Less breakage.
The simple act of finger detangling means your hair is less susceptible to the breakage a brush or comb can do to your hair. Hair utensils tend to stress out the hair shaft and cause breakage. Because finger detangling requires constant feeling on the strands, it is easier to pick out any knots or dry hair.

2.     Length retention.

With less breakage comes more length retention. Because finger detangling means that breakage will be at a minimum.  To compliment length retention is healthy hair, which is just as important.

3.     Increased density.
Density, or thickness, increases because the hair follicles and shafts are not being stripped.

The greatest challenges to finger detangling is that the process is time consuming and requires the most patience because each strand of hair is focused on. Sometimes, unwarranted dreading can occur when finger detangling is the method used.

All in all, hair health and convenience is the most important thing to consider when making a decision of whether or not you want to start finger detangling. With spring just around the corner, make sure you are treating you mane right, with care!