5 Reasons To Embrace Your Curly Crown

Media plays a large part in the influences of today’s society. We are constantly bombarded with notions of what beauty is and how people should look based on what others believe is the beauty standard. We are here to urge you to not give a damn because we love your curly crown, so embrace it.

1.     Versatility at its finest.
Being bestowed with a curly crown means a world of versatility – straight, long, curly, short. The list can go on and on! With versatility there is room for making changes as much as your heart desires and not everyone is crowned with that advantage – so slay.

2.     Cultural appropriation is a thing.
Love your hair because there are so many others out there that want what you’ve got. Embrace your crown because people want to steal it and rock your natural throne. Don’t let them; wear your crown fearlessly!

3.     Freedom means a lot, doesn’t it?
No more having to worry about the rain cramping your style or taking the extra time to plot out how to get in the water and remain poise. Embracing your crown means you can pretty much do what you want. There are no worries and to be completely honest, you are too much of a bad-ass to be running from the rain.

4.     Education has always been key.
There isn’t a problem with perms, flat irons, weaves, and wigs…. Hell, we love it all! We are all in it for the health of your hair! Embracing your crown means educating yourself in what makes your hair it’s best version of healthy.

5.     Acceptance of others, start an embracing movement.
When you learn to love and accept your beauty, you end up accepting others for themselves! From this, it does not matter whether you have extensions in or not; you are still embracing your crown.

Learning to love your crown is the best feeling you could possibly have! We want to ensure slaying the day.