5 Ways to Maintain Your Curls in the Fall


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Cozy sweaters, Thanksgiving, and cold weather are sure signs that Fall season is in full effect.
While the cooler temperatures are a nice break from the hot Summer days, they’re not exactly
curly hair friendly. Cold weather lacks humidity, creating dry air which has a direct effect on the
moisture of our curls. If you’ve found that your hair has been a little dull, dry, and even frizzy
maybe then here are some tips to help you maintain those curls this Fall.

1.) Cold water works better.
When you’re going through your weekly wash day routine, it’s normal to wash your hair with
warm water. After all, no one likes the feel of cold water unless they’re swimming. Rinsing your
hair with cold water is the better option during the Fall because it helps with sealing the cuticle
which will keep the moisture in your hair.

2.)Have you heard of the L.O.C. method?
One of the most recommended techniques in curl care is the L.O.C. (liquid oil cream)  method.
Moisture retention is key in maintaining those curls. so you’ll find this method vital to your curl
success. Start with a liquid (water or a leave in) this will hydrate the hair. Next, you want to apply
an oil of your choice which will help seal in the liquid. Lastly, you want to use a cream (hair
butter, styling milk, etc.) that will secure the oil, locking all of the moisture in place.

3.) Protective Styles are the way to go
Sometimes you have to give your hair a break. Putting those curls away for a few weeks will
protect those ends and help reduce any damage that can be caused by constant manipulation
and cold weather. Just remember you still have to take care of the hair underneath. Don’t leave
the style up for more than a month and a half and give your hair a break in between styles. Kömb offers on-demand hairstyling in the comfort of your home, just in case you hate being out in the cold like me. They are currently running a $25 off your first appointment promotion, free to look around www.komb.co.

4.) Trim, trim, trim!
A lot of curly girls shy away from scissors, but health over length. Our ends are just as important
as our roots and are often neglected. Our ends are constantly brushing up against our clothes
which can be drying and may cause breakage. Don’t be afraid to give your hair a dusting and
trim those ends. You’ll notice an overall healthier look to your curls.

5.)Don’t forget the oils
You want to moisturize and seal the ends of those curls on a daily basis. Rub oil on your ends
every morning during your rise & fluff. The oil will keep your hair moisturized and stop those
ends from splitting and breaking off.

Never let anyone dull your curls, not even in the cold weather, so use these tips to help keep
those curls moisturized this fall.