Frequently Asked Questions


+ How Do I Book?

Go to our website www.komb.co and click by clicking "Book Now".

+ Do you have an app I can book from?

Our iOS app is currently under development. Please sign up to our newsletter here to stay updated.

+ How long is the appointment?

Appointment length differs depending on the service. All of our services have standard times of completion at the time of booking and include 5 phone consultation before the visit.

+ How do I prepare for my appointment?

For hair appointments, we request you have “Wet Hair, In The Chair.” This means you should wash your hair 10-15 minutes prior to the appointment so your hair is damp but not soaking wet.

For makeup, please have a makeup-free, cleansed and moisturized face prior to our artists’ arrival.

It is very important that you are ready for your appointment .

+ What styles do you offer?

Please refer to our service menu for a variety of hair and makeup options from which to choose.

+ If I don’t see the look on the menu, can I request something else?

Our menu is based on trending protective styles. Our hair stylists and makeup artists can customize any specific look to complement your hair texture and face shape. Just email us here.

+ What if I'm running late for my appointment?

Your beauty professional can wait for 15 minutes after which it's considered a no-show.

+ What if I can't book an appointment for my desired date & time?

All appointments are subject to availability. Our peak days of operation are weekends, Friday - Sunday. It’s best to book in advance, and you can also check back for additional availability, if you’re unable to schedule an appointment for your desired date & time.

+ Can I Book times that are not listed on the website?

We will always try our best to accommodate your request. Email us at here and we’ll see what we can do!

+ What if I have to reschedule my appointment?

You are able to reschedule an appointment at no cost up till 2 hours before your sppointment. Appointments rescheduled within 2 hours of the appointment time will be charged 10% of the service price.

+ What if I have to cancel my appointment?

Appointments cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment time will be charged 50% of the service price. Appointments cancelled within 2 hours of the appointment time and no-shows will be charged the full amount of the service price.


+ What is your refund policy?

Our professionals work extremely hard to keep our clients happy. If you’d like to request a refund, please contact us here with your booking information and reason for a refund request and we will what we can do. We issue 100% refunds for appointments cancelled 24 hours in advance.

+ How do I pay?

You will be prompted to enter your credit card information when you book via the website. You are also able to tip at the time of booking, so you don’t have to worry about a cash tip. If you would like to give an additional cash tip to your hair stylist or makeup artist, it is always welcome.

+ What if I need to cancel my appointment?

If you have any changes in your schedule and need to cancel or change your appointment, you can do so via the appointment confirmation email. If you cancel within 24 hours, you will be charged 50% of the service price. Appointments cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment time will be charged 50% of the service price. Appointments cancelled within 2 hours of the appointment time and no-shows will be charged the full amount of the service price.


+ What products/tools do the beauty professionals carry with them?

Our beauty professionals use tools they feel comfortable with as long as it meets industry standards. They also use brands that are considered industry standards, and our team reviews each artist’s kit to ensure it adheres to our quality and cleanliness standards.

+ Can I provide my products/tools?

Certainly! We recommend that you’re prepared with your preferred hair and/or make-up products and tools during your appointment. Our stylists will, however, come equipped as well.


+ What areas do you service?

We currently serve the Tri-State area - NYC, NJ and CT.

Check back for updates on new service areas! If you are outside of our service area, we may still be able to come to you! The price may also vary for an out-of-service area appointment and there may also be travel costs. To inquire, email us here.

We also do other events, find out more by making an inquiry.

+ Do you offer any other services besides hair styling & makeup?

Not as of yet but we will be offering other beauty services in the near future. Follow us on Instagram @komb.co for updates on our services.

+ Do you do weddings?

Yes! Kömb is happy to grace you wedding with beauty and make-up services as required. We don't even mind getting involved early - from the engagement photos, bridal shower and bachelorette party, to the rehearsal dinner and the big day, Kömb‘s highly trained beauty professionals are there every step of the way to make your event "the Bömb". For wedding inquiries, please use the event inquiry link on our website or simply use this link.

+ Can I buy this as a gift for someone?

Yes! You can purchase gift cards by going to the “Gift Card” section at the footer of our website or simly use this link.

+ Do you do large parties?

We do! We offer hourly appointments for events. Pls make an event inquiry via the event inquiry link on our website or simply use this link.

+ If I am at the office do I still need to have wet hair for a blowout?

No. While wet hair is recommended, it is not required to get a style. It is also recommended in that case to get your hair washed and ready the day before. Our hair stylists also come equipped with spray bottles.

+ I had a problem with my service, who do I contact?

We take your these matters seriously. If your appointment doesn’t live up to your expectations, we would love to hear your feedback. Please email us here.

Our Beauty Professionals

+ Who are these beauty professionals we send to clients?

All our beauty professionals are required to pass the Kömb Kwality test - what does this mean? They are hand-picked and incredibly talented, hair stylists and makeup artists, they are required to have 2 years of professional experience or more. We also conduct a rigorous background check and they go through an Ethics workshop before joining the team.

+ Can I choose my beauty professional?

We cannot promise a certain beauty professional, however, we will try to accomodate your need. You may try an book a certain beauty professional directly on our website or access our "Our Professionals" page here.

+ Can I see work from a portfolio of your beauty professionals?

To see previous work from our beauty professionals, you can view this on our "Inspo" page on our website or click here.